Lenovo spyware built in.

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Lenovo spyware built in.

Postby bbrat » Mon May 23, 2011 2:25 am

Hello, I did read the post about logging a HijackThis, but in order to download anything it takes me forever to do it, so please forgive me as I don't want to download anything unless someone believes I need to after hearing this story. Please forgive me for not posting a log right away.
I bought a Lenovo G560 0679 2 days ago. Upon turning it on the very first time, I was bombarded with popups and banner ads not coming from the websites themselves, but from my browser itself. There is a built in Bing bar, and everytime I tried to type directly into the web address bar it would redirect my curser to type into the Bing Search Bar and I couldn't remove it! IE started freezing up and refused to even open, Firefox did the same a few minutes later, then my AVG popped up and said I had a backdoor trojan detected: name Win32/Genetik path to file C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\HOTSPOT SHEILD\BIN\OPENVPNAS.EXE Original object: N/A.
Googling told me that Lenovo has been building the spyware and malware right into their programs. I have rebooted several times and I believe this computer has more issues than spyware so I plan on exchanging it at the store for a different one. My problem is, I am sure the next pc will be riddled with spyware and popups as it will be a Lenovo. Is there a simple way (like Hijacking) to remove any/all spyware that Lenovo has built in? I also tried to delete some suspicious files under common prog x86 and it told me I was not the owner of the file and needed permission from TrustedInstaller to remove it.
Also upon starting (default language IS set to english), all web pages and searches came up in a strange language. Any web page I went to I had to reset the site to english, and if I couldn't figure out how...oh well!
I am dumbfounded that this is even legal for Lenovo to do. Someone told me this will be more common practice because its the advertisers helping to pay for the programs being run. I certainly hope not!
It is running Windows 7. Would the built in spyware be in the OS, or the browsers like IE and Firefox? I am guessing OS because I have huge popups coming from the lower right hand corner of my screen (where the clock and battery icon is) trying to get me to download programs. Every time a new tab is opened and every other time I change pages I have to x out a popup telling me to use the bing bar.
Sorry such a long story, but I don't know what else to do. As I said, this pc is going back to the store for the same model as the browsers are acting up and it runs way to slowly... But I do not want to be stuck with a computer where I cannot remove the built in spyware (I am just an average computer user). Anyone have a clue if this should be an easy or difficult process, and if I could be 99% assured that there is no more spyware left behind? Any help/opinions I would greatly appreciate!
Even firefox recognized security issues and blocked certain things it found dangerous. I don't know exactly what they were though.
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Re: Lenovo spyware built in.

Postby 12056 » Sun May 29, 2011 8:10 pm

HotSpot Shield is a legitamate program, so this is a "False-Positive" and not a real threat or "Backdoor" as the scanner labeled it.
Also, you can easily disable toolbars and BHOs using the add-on manager in IE and Firefox.

The "problems" you are experiencing are common with new and used computers, but are not necessarily malware, and most companies (not just Lenovo) do this!
From what you've described, I think you just have a bad case of bloat/crapware.

You can use the PC-Decrapifier, to remove unwanted programs from your startup, or all together.

Some Adware may be hidden, so you should also use SuperAntiSpyware from here.

If you still need help, post the HijackThis log, and I can tell you the items I would recommend removing to speed up your computer, or actually tell if it is infected with something more nasty.
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